The all-new Duster: more Duster than ever

Dacia’s iconic model has been revamped, with new styling, new equipment and a fully-updated interior. Meanwhile, Duster is as spacious as ever, it boasts the same off-road ability and is still shockingly affordable. Dacia, with a strong connection to its community, unveiled the All-New Duster at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in the presence of some 30 customers who are enthusiastic supporters of the brand. 

  • UK sales to begin from the middle of 2018. 

New features include 

  • All-New modern and robust exterior styling.
  • New, high-quality, comfor table and user-friendly interior.
  • A range of new equipment to facilitate ever yday driving.
  • Upgraded comfor t and driving pleasure.
  • An improved 4WD driving experience and the same of f-road capability that positions the All-New Duster among the market’s ver y best.
  • And is still shockingly af fordable. 

“The All-New Duster’s SUV appeal has been heightened by its robust exterior design which has been entirely redesigned, while its new interior design emphasises comfort and perceived quality. We’ve added new equipment such as multi-view camera which facilitates four-wheel drive use. At the same time, the All-New Duster is still shockingly affordable, which means it has everything to continue to appeal to customers and prolong the success story it has enjoyed to date. ”

François Mariotte - General Manager, Dacia Sales & Marketing 

The All-New Duster’s robust and particularly assertive styling highlights its SUV pedigree: 

  • Although visually more muscular, Duster features the same compact dimensions.
  • The expressive front and rear appear wider, heightening the impression of stability.
  • The All-New Duster’s robust stance is emphasised by its bold, more horizontal lines.
  • New aluminium roof bars and more prominent front and rear skid plates point to the All-New Duster’s adventurer credentials.
  • New 17-inch wheels ensure an even more asser tive profile. 

The designers worked from a clean slate to design a completely new interior for the All-New Duster, with a more modern, comfortable and passenger-friendly cabin: 

  • The dashboard has been totally redesigned for a more status-enhancing and ergonomic cabin.
  • The seats have been completely revised for improved comfor t and better suppor t.
  • Careful attention has been paid to the materials, fit and finish. The quality of the cabin is apparent at first glance.
  • Clever storage spaces have increased the model’s total storage capacity. 

The All-New Duster catalogue also of fers a range of equipment that has never previously been seen in the Dacia product range and which is eagerly awaited by the brand’s customers. The list includes a multi-view camera, Blind Spot Warning, cur tain airbags, automatic climate control, a keyless entr y and automatic headlight activation. 

By renewing its iconic model, Dacia intends to continue to build on its success and establish new sales

records. Sales exceeding 332,800 Dacia vehicles in the first half of 2017 marked an increase of nearly 12%. 


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  1. 1. The All-New Duster: all-new exterior styling


“Reinventing an icon like Duster was an enormous, yet inspiring challenge for the design team, the aim being to carry over the strengths that helped the original become such a hit, while taking a fresh look at the rest. The All-New Duster and its entirely-redesigned exterior and interior are the signs that they achieved just that. Thanks to its higher belt line and the impression that the front and rear have been widened, the All-New Duster comes across as more forceful and its SUV calling is even more apparent. ” 

Laurens Van den Acker - SVP, Corporate Design, Groupe Renault 

The car’s styling – one of the main reasons people buy a Duster – has been completely refreshed. The All-New Duster boasts a modern, muscular stance and an even more assertive personality, yet it is still a Duster through and through. 

A more muscular stance

The All-New Duster has a bolder personality, both inside and outside. The exterior is brand-new, featuring

more pronounced lines to emphasise the car’s forceful character. The fit and finish has been enhanced, too. 

The All-New Duster’s robust styling has been accentuated thanks to the following features: 


  • A more distinctive grille which extends to the head lights positioned at the car’s extreme front corners, making the All-New Duster look wider.
  • A new lighting signature including LED daytime running lights divided into three sections.
  • A more horizontal bonnet with sculpted crease lines for a rugged appearance.
  • A larger, mass-coloured, scratch-resistant front skid plate reinforces the All-New Duster’s adventurer credentials and ensures that the vehicle never loses its smart look. 

Side view:

  • The higher belt line adds to the impression of robustness and protection.
  • The windscreen has been brought forward 100 mm and is more steeply raked, which makes the cabin longer to look more spacious.
  • The new aluminium roof bars, a frequent SUV hallmark, extend the line of the windscreen for a more dynamic profile.
  • New 17-inch wheels with more prominent wheel arches.
  • Black wheel arch trims highlight the car’s adventurer credentials. 


  • Broad haunches provide the vehicle with a modified stance.
  • Rear lights located at the extreme corners of the car.
  • Dacia’s rear lighting signature – four red stacked squares – has been adapted for Duster.
  • Wider, chrome-effect, mass-coloured rear skid plate.

 The All-New Dacia Duster features two new body colours: Atacama Orange and Dune Beige. 

  1. 2. A completely redesigned cabin

 “The All-New Duster’s cabin has been completely redesigned and is now even more comfortable and practical in everyday use thanks to handier, more status-enhancing controls, new equipment and new storage spaces. The quality of the materials selected and the improved fit and finish reveal how much of a big step the All-New Duster represents. ”

 David Durand - Design Director, Dacia 

Focus on interior comfort 

The styling of the status-enhancing interior has been thoroughly updated for upgraded comfort and to make the model even more practical in everyday use. The steeply raked windscreen makes the cabin feel bigger, while its acoustics have been significantly improved and cabin insulation significantly reduces noise from outside the car. 

  • The new dashboard is more vertical and driver-focused courtesy of its S shape.
  • The grain of the dashboard trim (refined 80%), the careful attention paid to the fit and finish and the use of

a matte colour ensure a status-enhancing interior.

  • The centre console fascia accommodates a higher-positioned MediaNav Evolution display for clear, easy access. The new piano key type controls give the cabin a contemporary feel.
  • The three rotary controls for the automatic climate control match the three air vents located at the top of the dashboard.
  • The steering wheel can be adjusted for height (40 mm) and reach (50 mm) to allow the driver to select the most appropriate driving position. This four-spoke steering wheel, fitted to all Dacia models, has the horn push in the centre and proudly displays the Dacia logo. The steering wheel on high-end versions stands out through its exclusive Soft Feel finish that is both durable and pleasant to the touch.
  • The centre console features additional storage capacity. The hand brake has been moved to free up space,

while the new gear lever sports satin-finished chrome inserts.

  • The sculpted door panels incorporate robust door releases and armrests that are pleasant to the touch. 

The new seats are more enveloping and easy to adjust.

 New seat design with a new frame and denser foam for improved lateral support and durability.

  • The seat cushion is 20 mm longer.
  • New adjustable head rests.
  • The driver’s seat comes with an armrest, lumbar adjustment and a new height-adjustment system (60 mm).
  • New upholstery features a comfortable and modern 3D weave and top-stitching to enhance the All-New Duster’s SUV feel. 

Upgraded travelling comfort.

 Travelling comfort has reached new heights. Storage capacity has been increased by 5.8 litres to a total of

28.6 litres. Many of the easy-to-access stowage spaces have been redesigned to make the travelling experience simpler, including the new 2.7-litre stowage tray situated under the passenger seat. The All-new Duster has the same boot capacity as its predecessor: 445 dm3 for the 2WD version and 376 dm3 for the 4WD version. 

The special attention paid to soundproofing has halved noise inside the cabin.

  1. 3. Equipment never previously seen on a Dacia car 

“We wanted the All-New Duster to offer customers the chance to enjoy new safety- and comfort-enhancing features that haven’t been available in the Dacia range until now. To be in a position where we could provide them at the lowest price possible, we extensively revisited a range of proven technologies and simplified them by focusing on the essentials. The multi-view camera is extremely easy to use and is equally useful when driving off-road or in urban areas. At the same time, the way the keyless entry card functions has been streamlined. In keeping with the philosophy that drives Dacia, the All-New Duster delivers added comfort and safety, plus a clear step up in quality, for a price tag that is still affordable. ”

Vincent Fournier - Duster Program Director

 The All-New Duster comes with a host of new equipment to en- hance travelling comfort and driving pleasure.

  • The All-New Duster is the first Dacia to offer automatic climate control. Featuring five air vents (three in the middle and one on either side), cool or warm air is delivered optimally around the cabin. The air conditioning system has been upgraded for use in warmer climates. 
  • The All-New Duster is now available with a keyless entry – technology which has been tried and tested throughout Groupe Renault for several years. This user-friendly system automatically opens all the doors as the driver gets close to the car and provides remote locking (accompanied by audible confirmation) as they walk away. The driver does not need to take their key out to start the vehicle thanks to the start/stop button. 
  • The All-New Duster also comes with Blind Spot Warning. Four ultrasound sensors located on either side of the vehicle both front and rear detect any other vehicles, including motorcycles and trucks, coming from the rear or the side. A warning light flashes in the door mirror housing if any danger is detected. 

This range of practical equipment helps to facilitate ever yday driving.

 The All-New Duster is safer thanks to its reinforced vehicle frame, new seat frames, curtain airbags and automatic headlight activation – all features never previously seen in the Dacia range.

Meanwhile, electric power steering makes manoeuvring easier in urban areas or when driving off-road. On sealed roads, the All-New Duster’s delivers a particularly comfortable ride thanks to its first-class dynamics.

4. New, improved 4WD experience


The All-New Duster offers off-road ability among the very best in its class and is now even more fun to drive.

A genuine SUV for everyday use

The All-New Duster carries over the off-roading credentials that helped to make the model such

a popular success. Although visually a much more imposing car, the All-New Duster offers dimensions close to those of its predecessor:

  • 4.3 metres long and 1.8 metres wide.
  • High ground clearance (210 mm).
  • Approach and departure angles of 30 and

33 degrees respectively for genuine off-road capability. 

The All-New Duster comes with new driving aids for added peace of mind and safety.

  • The car features a multi-view camera which incorporates four cameras (one at the front, one

on either side and one at the rear). The system al- lows the driver to view the area around the vehicle and manoeuvre in complete peace of mind when using the vehicle off road. It is also useful to help with parking and is activated automatically when

reverse gear is engaged.

  • Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist make driving easier on sloping terrain.
  • For off-road enthusiasts, the 4X4 monitor incorporates a compass and notifies the driver of the vehicle’s angle in real time. 

The All-New Duster comes with a choice of two petrol engines: the SCe 115 (2WD and 4WD versions) and the TCe 125 (2WD and 4WD versions) which both use a manual gearbox.

There are also two diesel engines: the dCi 90 (2WD version) and the dCi 110 (2WD and 4WD versions), again both mated to a manual gearbox, although the dCi 110 engine (2WD version) can be specified with EDC automatic transmission. An LPG version of the SCe 115 unit is also optionally available. 

  1. 5. Duster: The renewal of an iconic model 

“The idea of the original Duster was a bold gamble at the time because creating an SUV at such an attractive price was by no means a foregone conclusion. Since then, so much ground has been covered and, seven years on, Duster enjoys an impressive customer following. That’s what prompted me to embark on the same adventure. The challenge we faced this time was to carry over the strengths that made Duster so popular while incorporating the changes our customers demanded. The All-New Duster successfully retains the spirit of its predecessor but takes the package to a new level. It looks like the Duster saga is set to last for some time to come! ”

Erdenechuluun Tungaa - Exterior design



The Duster – a truly international car – has become one of Groupe Renault’s best-selling models around the world. The Duster is Dacia’s answer to the SUV market. Over the past seven years, The Duster has ap- pealed to customers seeking a versatile, reliable and affordable car. 

Designed for all types of terrain, both the 2WD and 4WD versions of Duster enjoy proven reliability records. Its off-road capability and manoeuvrability has been put to the test in internationally renowned motor sport events, including the Trophée Andros (France), the Gazelles Rally (Morocco), the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (USA) and the Dakar Rally (South America). 

Originally marketed as a Dacia model, Duster has been sold under the Renault brand since 2011 in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Colombia). It is also available as a Renault in Russia and In- dia. More than two million Dusters have been sold in total and the model is currently marketed in more than

100 countries under both brand names.

6. Dacia: Building on the brand’s success 

Dacia has established new sales records every year since the brand was launched. 


In the first half of 2017, Dacia set a new sales record, selling more than 332,800 units globally, a gain of almost 12%. Dacia saw its market share rise by one-tenth of a point to 2.6% in Europe, by two-tenths of a point to 3.2% in Eurasia and by seven points to 23.5% in North Africa.

No fewer than 22 of the 44 markets where the Dacia brand is sold have set market share or sales


  • In Europe, Dacia’s sales totalled 245,453 units – a new record and an increase of 9.3% which takes its market share to 2.6% (up 0.2 of a point). Dacia Sandero is the best-selling car to retail customers (at the end of July 2017) and Dacia Duster is the third-best-selling SUV to retail customers.
  • In France, Dacia set a new sales record at 65,165 units, a rise of 3.7%. Sandero emerged as the best-

selling car for retail customers in France.

  • In the rest of Europe, Dacia saw its sales increase by 11.5% to 180,288 units. In Germany, sales climbed by 26.2% to 32,506 units. In Italy, the brand posted sales of 35,378 units, up 15.7%. Sales also rose in the UK (up 7%) and Poland (up 20.1%).
  • In Romania, Dacia reported a 25.8% increase in sales to 19,696 units.
  • In Morocco, Dacia’s sales climbed by 10.8% to 24,410 units.
  • In Algeria, Dacia saw its sales jump by 118.5% to 12,729 units, despite a 22.7% downturn in the market.


A particularly active Dacia community

Members of the Dacia community were special guests at the unveiling of the All-New Duster at the

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Dacia community has made a huge contribution to Dacia’s success and now includes four million fans on social media.

Dacia picnics have become a deep-rooted tradition. Nearly 10,000 customers attended Dacia’s annual picnic in France in June, while similar events held in the Czech Republic and Germany both attracted some 7,000 participants. These picnics bring together the Dacia community in a unique, friendly atmosphere. 

The Dacia brand offers a range of attractive, reliable products that represent unbeatable value for money for the level of equipment they deliver. The release of the All-New Duster will help Dacia to build on its success for future growth. 


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